Bosch MSM89160 Handheld Blender


  • Exceptional power: Powerful 800 watt motor for fast and perfect processing
  • Perfect results: 12 speeds plus turbo button and QuattroBlade Pro
  • High-quality manufacture: High-quality stainless steel housing and blender foot for professional results
  • Easy to use: Large buttons, SoftTouch surface and patented click connection mechanism for simple operation
  • High-quality accessories: With extra-large chopper and whisk for whipping cream, egg whites and light batters

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    Bosch MSM89160

    Bosch MSM89160 Handheld Blender

    QuattroBlade Pro – Quickly and perfectly chopped ingedients.

    Bosch MSM89160 Handheld Blender

    The innovative design of the hand blender bell with its distinctive golf ball-style sections ensures that ingredients are perfectly blended. This is because the structure of the hand blender bell guides the ingredients directly onto the rotating QuattroBlade Pro. In addition, users will notice that the appliance doesn’t suck down onto the bottom of the measuring beaker as much.

    TurboButton — when you need full power.

    Bosch MSM89160 Handheld Blender

    An additional turbo button provides maximum power at the touch of a button so you can implement your ideas quickly and easily and achieve optimal results every time.

    Bosch MSM89160 Handheld Blender

    AntiSplash — for protection against splashes.

    Bosch MSM89160 Handheld Blender

    Annoying splashes when preparing dishes are a thing of the past thanks to Anti Splash mixer foot with optimised design. So all your work is easy, convenient and above all clean.

    12 speeds — countless possibilities.

    Bosch MSM89160 Handheld Blender

    Whatever it may be—mayonnaise, baby food or soup, cutting, mincing or mixing—the optimal speed is available for each task, along with a selectable turbo function if needed.

    Bosch MSM89160 Handheld Blender

    Download manual here!

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