Laurastar Lift Ironing Station


  • Ready to use in three minutes; Easy to carry handle; Easy to place on the floor with its feet; Removable water tank-1.1L with anti-scale filter
  • Secure compartment for the iron; Steam cord storage; Auto stop-automatically stops after 10 minutes od non-use
  • Accessories include anti-scale filter, protective soleplate for delicate fabrics
  • Insulating mat for warm iron


    Laurastar Lift Ironing Station

    Laurastar Lift

    A new way of ironing

    Compact and light, Laurastar Lift is the first steam generator with a handle that lets you take it everywhere, from the ironing board to the clothes hanger. It is as effective for a final touch on a hanging garment as for ironing a shirt on the board itself.

    • Start and auto stop
    • Easy to carry handle
    • Safe iron storage
    • Removable water tank

    Hygienic steam which eliminates up to 99.999 % of bacteria

    The Laurastar range features a unique type of steam, which purifies fabrics deep down. It eliminates the organisms that cause the allergies of modern living (humidity, insulation, heating, etc.) and prevents them from multiplying. Its high temperature, its ability to penetrate fibres, and its power mean that this unique steam destroys dust mites, bacteria and other fungi that resist warm wash cycles (40°C). Laurastar steam ensures that your clothing and linen are completely clean and hygienic.

    * Scientific tests carried out by Scitec Research SA laboratory in Switzerland.

    Product features

    Laurastar technologies

    The Laurastar brand strives for quality and excellence. Though already recognised as the world’s leading specialist in ultra-fine and powerful steam, it is constantly innovating to push the limits of perfection. Pulse steam, 3D active soleplate, automatic steam, active board and professional iron are all unique technologies which help you to obtain unparalleled ironing results.

    Professional iron
    All Laurastar irons are equipped with a unique professional soleplate. It diffuses an ultra-fine, powerful steam which adapts to all kinds of fabric and allows you to steam your clothes vertically. Its round shape prevents creases.


    Download manual here!

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    Additional information

    Weight5.3 kg
    Dimensions28 × 28 × 45 cm


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